Dental Implants

Get Systematic Dental Implants

No matter how much dental care you receive, some things are just inevitable. Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss and whether it's from decay, injury, or periodontal disease we have the perfect solution. Implants require a lot of collaboration between the dentist and an experienced laboratory, that's why we use a lab that possesses the resources and experience to help us create a functional and lifelike smile. Although not everyone can be eligible for implants it doesn’t hurt to find out, there are many factors that go into deciding what your best option will be after the loss of a tooth, or several. Whether it's dentures, a bridge or maybe even implants we are here to help you find your best fit. 

Full Arch Dental Implant Replacement

When all teeth are missing one option we offer at Fergus Spades is a full arch replacement. One of our best solutions is a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants, this is a permanent solution and has many good outcomes. Not only does a implant retained bridge allow you to eat and function like you do with natural teeth but it also preserves your facial appearance and prevents bone loss.

Multiple Dental Implant Replacements

As the name suggests, multiple teeth replacements are required when you have several teeth missing. After the initial exam it will likely take 2-3 visits for multiple teeth implants. Normally you would experience minor bruising and swelling in the gum and soft tissue afterwards. Contact us to find out if this is the right option for you!

Single Tooth Implant Replacement

A single tooth replacement may be the best option for you if you’ve had an accident and lost a tooth, it usually takes at least 2 visits and you should be good to return to work the following day!